10 Random Questions With Jerrod Niemann

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Today is a good day for Jerrod Niemann. The “Lover Lover” singer has released his brand new album, This Ride, to the masses. The highly-anticipated follow up to 2014’s High Noon—his first new album in three years—will have fans remembering why they fell in love with Niemann from the outset.

“I think if you did puree my other albums into one, it could definitely be this album. Pureed it and then filtered it, because it’s broken down,” Jerrod told One Country. “I feel like with life, you get more life under your belt, you get more music under your belt, things are going to sound new, more mature.”

The more mature album is Jerrod’s fourth studio offering and his first for new label Curb Records. This Ride contains 13 tracks and features the previously released singles “God Made a Woman” and “A Little More Love,” with Lee Brice.

You can catch Jerrod at the Grand Ole Opry this weekend when he celebrates his album’s release with a performance at the annual Opry Birthday Bash this Saturday (Oct. 7).

Prior to release day, One Country sat down with Jerrod to get to know the 38-year-old singer a little better with 10 random, off-the-wall questions.

One Country: Who’s your celebrity crush?

Jerrod Niemann: “Can I say Winnie Cooper from the ‘Wonder Years?'” he jokes. ” I guess it’s so cliché, but Charlize Theron. She’d do in a pinch.”

OC: What’s you biggest fear?

JC: “Living. No, I’m kidding. I guess it would probably be heights.”

OC: What’s the last gift you gave to someone?

JC: “Probably necklaces. We had a listening party for the songwriters. I’d been making jewelry, so I gave them all a commemorative necklace.”

OC: Favorite movie?

JC: “‘What Dreams May Come.’ Robin Williams.”

OC: If you were going to order a pizza, what would you get on it?

JC: “Some people argue with this, and I don’t care, but I’d go with chicken, jalapenos, and pineapple.”

OC: What’s your most annoying habit?

JC: “Partying. Being the last one up on the bus.”

OC: Biggest pet peeve?

JC: “I think it is when people phone bomb—keep calling you over and over even though it’s not an emergency. Because what they’re implying is that no matter what in the entire earth you are up to, them talking to you is more important.”

OC: Who’s your biggest inspiration?

JC: “Man, this is probably going to sound out there. But just the universe in general. I could look up at night and you see all these stars and just think that we’re all stuck here on this floating ball in the sky together, and you’re just like, ‘this is your chance to get it done right here on this planet.'”

OC: Who would you want to play you in a movie?

JC: “Lee Brice. But he’d have to go to Chris Pratt’s trainer for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ I’m teasing. I would take Lee.”

OC: What’s the hardest thing you ever had to do?

JC: “The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, I haven’t done yet, and that’s watch people or animals die.”