Jessie James Decker and Husband Eric Decker Kick Off Web Series “Relationship Goals”

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If you’re fans of Jessie James Decker and her husband Eric Decker you know that there marriage is one that some strive for. It’s even been referred to as #relationshipgoals.

With that in mind, the couple, who have been married 5 years and share three children, have decided to create a web series called “Relationship Goals.”

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“We are going to start doing a weekly one minute video where we answer some fun crazy questions y’all may have for us,” Jessie announced on Instagram. “We will keep it real and keep it fun! Please ask below so we can pick a handful or more questions and answer them for y’all starting next week! #relationshipgoals.”

The husband and wife team have posted their first episode on Youtube and are answering your questions.

In the first episode, Eric, sporting a Santa hat and Jessie, sporting a knit cap, keep it casual as their children are seen playing in the vicinity and walking by the camera. Jessie even takes a break after the first question to tend to their youngest son Forest, who makes a cameo appearance.

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You can hear the couple fielding questions about their relationship (What is the most important thing to keep a relationship lasting?), love languages (Do you guys speak the same love language or have you had to learn one another’s?) and having kids (How has your relationship changed since having kids?).

The episode ends in a classic family moment when their oldest daughter Vivi picks up Forest and walks him in front of the camera past mom and dad, knocking over a glass of red wine. Uh oh!

“Had to cut this one short since red wine spilled everywhere…,” you can read on the screen.

Our new relationship advice to ourselves is to film #Relationshipgoals when the kids go to sleep.”

Good advice.