Jessie James Decker Celebrates Release of Lifestyle Book “Just Jessie”

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Jessie James Decker is an author. The mother of three, singer, songwriter, clothing designer and entrepreneur added author to her many titles as she celebrated the release of her new lifestyle book, “Just Jessie: My Guide to Love, Life, Family and Food.”

Surrounded by family and friends, the “Lights Down Low” singer teamed with South Beach Diet, of which she is a spokesperson, for a book release party at the Kimpton Aertson Hotel Friday night (Oct. 5).

Jessie James Decker book release party
Photos courtesy South Beach

With her own clothing line, beauty products, No. 1 selling album, TV show and a host of other businesses under her belt, Jessie found time to release a brand new lifestyle book, shortly after giving birth to her third child, Forrest Bradley, with husband Eric Decker.

“I wanted to do the book because I feel like there was a lot of things I wanted to share, Jessie tells One Country.  “There’s a lot of women that go through the same things I do. I wanted to be a voice in that way. I’m asked questions all the time by different women who, I see their comments or things that they’re going through, and I feel like women feel so alone in their own individual situation or story.  I would see it online and be like, ‘But I went through that too.’ [This book] was a way to showcase things that I’ve gone through that I knew other women went through too. After having my baby, and the issues that we all face during that or our childhoods, I just felt like there is a way for all of us to relate together.”

“Just Jessie” is more than just a recipe book. The lifestyle book contains a little bit of everything from beauty tips and tricks from the singer to Jessie’s own stories of love and family.

“It’s such a variety book,” adds Jessie. “But, I start with my childhood and where I was born and how I grew up. I talk about the music career and how I’ve wanted to be a country singer since I was a little girl. It goes through the whole story from A to Z. It’s a little bit of a memoir, but it also has tips, and tricks, and stuff. There are 14 recipes in there and I talk about how everything is presentation. You don’t have to cook everything from scratch. You put it on a pretty platter and tie it with a ribbon.”

One recipe that’s a must-have for Jessie? “My chocolate chip cookies. I’m obsessed with chocolate chip cookies. But, there’s tons of great stuff in there.”

“Just Jessie: My Guide to Love Life Family and Food” is available at retailers now.

Jessie James Decker

Jessie James Decker and family