[Watch] Jillian Jacqueline Reflects On Heartbreak In Open Field In “Sad Girls” Video

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Jillian Jacqueline bares her soul in the heartbreaking new ballad, “Sad Girls.” The video for the song takes place in an open field where she is found strumming an acoustic guitar. Despite the sun shining down and the green pasture she’s peacefully lying in, the song details darker subject matter and follows a girl who is in the midst of a breakup.

“When I wrote this song, the imagery I had pictured was definitely a rainy city street at midnight,” Jacqueline tells the FADER, “but when I came to my longtime collaborator and friend Patrick Tracy to direct this, we both gravitated towards the visuals of a soft romantic image we had seen of 1970s models in a field of flowers. It’s the first time I’ve shot something quite so ethereal in nature and I think it fits the song beautifully. Side note: I did in fact get poison ivy from laying in this field. It sucked.”

Jillian wrote the heartfelt ballad with Lori McKenna and producer Tofer Brown. “Sad Girls” is one of six brand new songs featured on Side B, the follow-up to her 2017 EP, Side A. On the song, Jillian sings of a breakup happening while in a car. Stuck with nowhere to go and it being too far to jump out and walk home, the woman in the story finds herself in tears and tries to convince herself that she’ll be all right.

“You can’t jump out of the car right now / ‘Cause it’s too damn far to walk alone / His hand on the wheel while the rain comes down / You don’t have a cigarette to smoke / The way he says he’s sorry makes you feel so small,” she sings softly on the chorus.

Jillian is gearing up for a busy fall with several festival appearances as well as a tour supporting Kip Moore. The singer is set to perform at Pilgrimage Festival in Tennessee on Sept. 22 and will join Kip on the After the Sunburn Tour beginning Sept. 28.