Jimmie Allen’s Life Journey Leads Him Back to “Mercury Lane”

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Jimmie Allen new album
Courtesy BBR

With all the good things taking off in Jimmie Allen’s career, it’s hard for the Delaware native to take it all in. As his debut single, “Best Shot,” nears the top of the Billboard Country Airplay Chart, Jimmie is trying to enjoy it.

“I don’t think I’ve fully processed yet what’s happening. I’m still trying to catch up to all the cool things that happened this year,” Jimmie tells One Country.

“Best Shot,” written by Jimmie, Josh London and J.P. Williams, is Jimmie’s first single from his debut album, Mercury Lane. The current single has Jimmie singing about giving it his best shot when it comes to love—”I’ll love you with everything I’ve got
Girl I’ll give you my best shot.”

“I really just wanted to write a song about taking another day to be better for whoever you have in your life. So for me it’s taking a day to learn how to be a better father, a better friend. The song is really just a—you know it’s sculpted in kind of shell that’s a relationship song but it’s really a self evaluation song. You just find a way to better person.”

Jimmie sat down with One Country to talk about his path to creating the new album and how he has his career all planned out.

Did you know when you wrote “Best Shot” that you had something special there?

“The greatest thing is that I like felt we had something. Felt like we had something special but didn’t quite know what is was. It was something about the melody the first line of the chorus that I couldn’t get out of my head before we wrote the song.”

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So why did you want this song to be the first one to represent you?

“The crazy thing is, I didn’t actually choose this one. It was actually the genius of my head of promo Byron Kennedy, so I like to give Byron Kennedy credit for choosing the single. From day one, we were gonna go with a different song, but from day one Bryon was like man this is the song. I feel like it’s gonna cut through with the message and the tone of the song. And he was right.”

What we can expect from Mercury Lane?

“So for this album, the songs in there are taking each day and just enjoying the little victories. Cause I feel like the problem with society is a lot of our happiness is futuristic. Like I can’t wait til 6 months from now or next year or this vacation. I feel like life is about celebrating small victories. Life is about the journey not really the destination. And just enjoying each step like waking up in the morning. Some of us having the privilege of opening our eyes.  I have friends that are blind they will give anything to be able to see. And that something I can deal with, something I take for granted everyday. So I’m trying to appreciate the small things in life. You know there a song in there called ‘Wait For It,’ another one called “High Life” that really focuses in on that.  Then you get to the feel good party songs like “County Line,” “The Likes of You” and “American Heartbreaker.” I feel like the album take you on a ride and reveals different layers of who Jimmie Allen is.”

Jimmie Allen cover Mercury Lane

Do you have a favorite song?

“Yeah, my favorite song is what I called track 1 through track 15. I can’t really choose a favorite because the label gave me creative control in finding this album.So I really took my time to chose songs that I love equally. Now I love them all for different reasons. But I love them all equally. I can’t chose favorite.”

As you were dreaming of building your career, is the success you’re having now what you dreamed of?  

“Oh yeah. everything I’m doing is preplanned. I use to sit home and watch MTV behind the music interviews and sit in a chair next to the TV and answer questions that the interviewer was asking the artist. I’ve been literally practicing this for 20 plus years. So everything about my album, about my live show, about everything I do to these different jackets I’m designing that have cool effects for the Scotty McCreery tour—these are all things that I’ve been designing and working on for the last 12 years at least. That’s my plan, this is what I’m going to do when I get here. I already have my arena show planned for when I get to that point. My career, up to my arena show is planned out, the types of movies I want to do, the TV shows I want to host, for me I’ve just been waiting for my opportunity and once they gave me the opportunity I said, ‘y’all in trouble now.'”

Jimmie Allen Mercury Lane album

So, you had an idea of what you wanted your album to sound like from day 1?

“Oh definitely. My sound hasn’t changed in the past ten years. T-Roy from Montgomery Gentry was a friend of mine. He heard a lot of my early music and it was very similar to what it is now—and I definitely feel like I’ve gotten better as a songwriter and a vocalist. But he said, ‘Jimmie stick with your sound, don’t change. When we first started people told us we were too Rock, but now people consider us traditional country. So what happened was, eventually the genre changed and they created a lane for us. So stay yourself.’ I really don’t have anything planned out past album 5. But the first 5 are kinda planned out as far as content and story and the journey I want to take people on musically.”

You’re hitting the road with Scotty McCreery and Kane Brown, what are you looking forward to about that?

“The Scotty McCreery tour starts November 29th and then after that we have the Kane Brown tour in January. It’s been pretty exciting to go from the Chase Rice tour to the Scotty McCreery Tour. In between that tour is Christmas break and we’re going to Disney World, which is a priority. You gotta have your priorities.Then we come back to finish the Scotty McCreery tour and then we have the Kane Brown tour after that. So it’s gonna be good times.”

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Are you taking your son, Aiden, to Disney with you? 

“Yep, I’m taking him with me. My mom, two of my sisters, I’m taking them down there and let the mouse do his job. The mouse will entertain your family. I call it babysitting adults.”

Is your son aware of your job and what you do?

Kind of but he couldn’t care less. This guy, I remember we were in Alabama, we took the bus down there for a show. So when get to  Alabama he says ‘daddy can we play soccer.’ I said ‘daddy’s gotta go to work. He said “why do you have to go run around on the thing out there. He calls the thing out there the stage.’ I said ‘daddy gotta go pay the bills.’ He said ‘can daddy pay the bills after him and Hanu play?’  I said ‘ No, I have to go right now.’ He knows I’m doing something, but he doesn’t understand what’s happening exactly.”

Besides the Kane Tour what does 2019 look like for you?

We got bunch of festivals lined up. I’ve got a few more tours  in the works. I kind of want to spend the spring and summer doing festivals. Then looking at touring in the spring and the fall. I’m not quite sure who I’m going to go out with. But I hoping somebody sees something cool and feels like I can bring something different to their show and invites me out. If not, I’ll show up in somebody’s tour with my band and we’re going to invite ourselves on stage. We’ll definitely have a new single out by then.”


  1. “American Heartbreaker” — (Jimmie Allen, Lance Miller, Chris Stevens, Ash Bowers)
  2. “Make Me Want To” — (Jimmie Allen, Paul Sikes, Jennifer Denmark)
  3. “Deserve to Be” — (Jimmie Allen, Danielle Blakey, Tripp Howell)
  4. “How to Be Single” — (Natalie Hemby, Shane McAnally, Jimmy Robbins)
  5. “Wait for It” — (Ash Bowers, Thom McHugh, Steve Williams)
  6. “High Life” — (Lance Miller, Brett Warren, Brad Warren, Chris Stevens)
  7. “21” — (Brandon Hood, Josh Jenkins, Ash Bowers)
  8. “Underdogs” — (Ash Bowers, Brandon Lay, Jonathan Singleton)
  9. “Like You Do” — (Jimmie Allen, JP Williams, Josh London, Jason Mizell)
  10. “Back of Your Mind” — (Jimmie Allen, Matthew McVaney, Devin Tolentino)
  11. “Boy Gets a Truck” — (Ash Bowers, Aaron Scherz)
  12. “County Lines” — (Brett Tyler, Ben Burgess, Matt Dragstrem)
  13. “Best Shot” — (Jimmie Allen, Josh London, JP Williams)
  14. “Warrior” — (Jimmie Allen, Casey Beathard, Ash Bowers)
  15. “All Tractors Ain’t Green” — (Jimmie Allen, Brandon Hood, Tim Nichols)