[Watch] Jimmy Fallon and Ethan Hawke Parody Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again”

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Jimmy Fallon and Ethan Hawke teamed up on a recent episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” with a hilarious parody of Willie Nelson’s hit “On the Road Again.” In the episode, the late night host portrays Johnny Cash while Ethan takes on the role of Willie Nelson.

Complete with a red wig and braids, Ethan kicks off the 1980 hit song while Jimmy stands beside him dressed in black with a signature Johnny Cash hairstyle. As Jimmy enters for his verse, it is soon apparent that the song isn’t quite how country fans remember it.

“I like staying here / Life is better when I’m staying here / Just sit at home, might watch TV, and have a beer / Honestly, I’d love to just stay here,” Jimmy sings.

Meanwhile, Ethan (as Willie) can’t quite understand why his pal Johnny doesn’t want to join him for a stint on the road.

“But back to the road / That’s the place where all of us should go / We’re four good friends who all like goin’ with the flow / So I can’t wait to get on that road again,” he croons.

Backed by two guitarists, the two friends then turn to their bandmates to get their opinion on gearing up for the road. Unfortunately for Willie, they side with Johnny’s idea of a laidback evening at home.

“A guys’ night in just kinda tickles me / We could drink rosé and eat crackers with some cheese / And wind it down sippin’ chamomile tea,” their bandmate suggests.

Watch the hilarious parody below. The segment helped kickoff the new season of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” which returned Sept. 4 on NBC.

Later, Ethan sat down with Jimmy and admitted he has been a lifelong fan of Willie’s. The actor/director recalls his father taking him to his first concert in 1976 in Austin, Texas. Years later, he and his dad would come to meet the country legend and he discusses a missed opportunity to share a joint with the singer.