Jimmy Kimmel Memorialized Krystal from “The Bachelor” By Celebrating The Weird Sounds She Made


Krystal may have be gone, but the noises she made will never be forgotten. A lot of digital ink has been spilled over the affect of her voice, which was just vocal breathing. Every “byeeeee”, “hyeiiiiiii”, and “mmhmmmmmmmm” was over extended in a baby voice. And while many are celebrating her removal from this season of “The Bachelor”, Jimmy Kimmel felt he should memorialize Krystal’s voice.


I think it is Shakespeare who said, “What is in voice? A baby with any other voice would sound just as squeaky.”

Kimmel frustrated some when he posted a supercut of Krystal’s greatest hits in January, which I understand. The girl can’t help her voice.

That sweet voice said some of the meanest things this season. She wasn’t the villain for nothing.

It really was the soundtrack of the season.

Maybe the soundtrack of the entire franchise.