Singer/Author Jimmy Wayne Takes Stand Against Local YMCA For Removing Bible


Jimmy Wayne is using the power of social media to take a stand against the YMCA in Brentwood, TN.

The author/singer posted a video on Twitter of himself showing fans that the YMCA no longer keeps a bible in the entryway to the gym. A Bible that’s been their for many, many years.

“There used to be a stand that sat here that had a bible on it,” Jimmy said in the video. “Now the stand is inside the gym in there and it’s being used as a stand just for someone just to lean on. I’ve told them—asked them to bring the stand in here and put the bible back on it.”

That’s when he spoke directly to his followers, asking them to withdraw their membership from the YMCA until the Bible is put back to where it originally was.

As the video continues, Greg, the membership director of the gym, comes out to try and explain why the bible was no longer on the stand, but Jimmy wasn’t hearing it.

“Where’s the Bible?” Jimmy asked. Greg explained it was in the cabinet and Jimmy demanded they go get it and bring it back. That’s when Greg refused and Jimmy demanded that they withdraw his memberships with the Y.

Following the post of the video, Jimmy added a second Tweet.

*The #YMCA director said the #BIBLE was removed due to Covid restrictions; yet the sign-in book is still there and where it’s been before #Covid. It’s the most unsanitary book (and pen) in the building. I would imagine the BIBlE doesn’t get touched often; it’s the principle.”

Fans of Jimmy added their support with comments.

“I guess they forgot what YMCA actually means. Good for you for taking a stand & making people aware of this,” wrote one fan.

Always standing up for what you believe in. #Respect.” added another.

“What’s happening in the world today both scares and saddens me. Thank you for standing up for your beliefs,” posted a Twitter user.

Jimmy is known for his country music career that garnered hit singles “Stay Gone” and “Do You Believe Me Now.” Due to his upbringing, homelessness and living in and out of foster homes, Jimmy has used his voice to bring awareness to the plight of children who age out of foster care every year, even embarking on a journey to walk from Nashville, Tennessee, to Phoenix, Arizona to help bring awareness.

Jimmy continues to advocate for children in foster care system to this day.