John Rich Launches Redneck Riviera Whiskey and It’s Granny Rich Approved


John Rich has got his hands in more than just music. The Big & Rich member has just launched a new whiskey under his Redneck Riviera brand, called what else… Redneck Riviera American Blended Whiskey.

John hosted family, friends and industry folk to his house, dubbed Mount Richmore, in Nashville on Saturday night (Jan. 6) to celebrate the whiskey launch and his 44th birthday, which happened to be the next day on Jan. 7.

John and his brand Redneck Riviera teamed up with Eastside Distilling to create a special American blended whiskey that appeals to not only John’s taste, but Granny Rich’s taste as well. The “California” singer turned his grandmother’s sewing machine into a bar and sat two shot glasses of whiskey on it for his granny to try.

“She took a little sip of it and she said, ‘what is this?’ I said, “it’s Redneck Riviera American blended whiskey, why?’ And she goes, ‘Cause it’s a lot smoother than an whiskey I’ve ever drank,'” John told party-goers. ” I said, ‘Well, have another sip.’ And she sat there and went, wham and knocked the whole thing back. She went, ‘Well John Daniel I think you’ve done rung the bell with this one.’ So it’s Granny Rich approved and it’s John Rich approved and hopefully it’s about to be America approved.”

One Country‘s Kelly Sutton sat down with the birthday boy to delve a little deeper into the new spirit.

“I’ve spent almost a year working on this blend,” John tells One Country. “People say, ‘what’s different about it?’ If I’m doing it, there’s something different about it. What this is, is Redneck Riviera American-blended whiskey. You go, ‘OK, what’s different about that?’ Well, there is no such thing as American-blended whiskey.

“I’m trying to accomplish an American-blended whiskey that is the smoothest whiskey drink anybody could get. I want it to have no burn, I want it to have a great finish,” John added. “I want it to have nothing in the nose. I want it to be just like this and I had a laser beam idea of what it was”

The result? Redneck Riviera American-blended whiskey. Getcha some.