John Rich’s 85-Year-Old Grandmother is Still Working Because She Can and “That’s What You’re Supposed To Do” (It’s Also Why He Works So Hard)


If you’re not paying close attention to the country music scene, you may not know that John Rich is the hardest working man in country music. Besides being a singer-songwriter and touring the country with Big & Rich, he’s also a big-time entrepreneur with his Redneck Riviera lifestyle brand that has recently opened two bars (Las Vegas and Nashville), launched a whiskey, beef jerky and you know, he’s a doting father and husband.

So, aside from working hard, he’s a busy man. During a recent interview with Megyn Kelly on “Today,” Rich said he feels blessed to live in America and be able to get up every day, “Everything is going great, you’re so blessed, like I say every morning, you get to wake up in America and know that you have no ceiling over your head and you can work as hard as you want to and pursue happiness as guaranteed to us in the Constitution…”

He comes by it honestly though. Rich’s grandmother, Granny Rich, is 85-years-old and still working, “She still works 40 hours a week. Has a little whiskey every evening and I asked her, ‘Granny, why are you still working?’ And she said, ‘because I can and that’s what you’re supposed to do.”

Amen, Granny Rich. Amen.

Rich spent over a year working on his new whiskey with Eastside Distilling and yes, it’s Granny Rich approved. Rich told us recently, “She went, ‘Well John Daniel I think you’ve done rung the bell with this one.’ So it’s Granny Rich approved and it’s John Rich approved and hopefully it’s about to be America approved.”

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