Little Girl Just Wants John Rich’s Phone Number for Her Mom’s Birthday


Kids say the darndest things, right? Right.

More often than not when kids say something labeled as “kids say the darndest things ” it’s inappropriate on some level. But, sometimes it’s just sweet, even if it is a bit odd.

Stephanie Purdy recently tweeted that it was her birthday and her family gave her a sweet memory book as a gift. There were writing prompts in the book and family members could fill in the rest. One of the pages started with, “If I could give you anything in the world, it would be…” Stephanie’s daughter must know how much she loves country music and Big & Rich, because of all the riches and wishes, she just wants to get John Rich‘s phone number for her mom.

Stephanie has a smart little girl on her hands– Rich is a well-connected and smart guy. Definitely a good emergency contact number to have in your phone too.