Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash at Home: Exclusive Interview with John Carter Cash Part 2


We’re celebrating the complex romance of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. Often turbulent, but always sure, their decades-long love affair has been chronicled in print and film since they first met in the early 1950s and married in 1968. Through the worst of times, the couple managed to keep saying yes, to each other and their relationship. With the help of their son John Carter Cash, on what would have been their 46th anniversary, we celebrate the long-lasting love of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.

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This week, we have a special Valentine from Johnny Cash himself. Here’s a look inside the romance of one of the most popular couples in country music. You can see this box of chocolates from 1998 with a handwritten message from Johnny to June on display at the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville, TN.

Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash made enduring music together, but the couple nurtured interests beyond music. Their other connections included a deep love of books and their mutual dedication to their spiritual growth. They were biblical scholars, and students of the arts, especially the poetry of Kahlil Gibran and Edna St. Vincent Milay.

“They both had a love for higher art, not just in music. They studied biblical history, Aztec history, native american history,” says Cash. “Neither of my parents attended university, but they attended life’s university.” Both of them received honorary doctorates.

The couple also loved the outdoors and took the family fishing often. “We’d go to Canada, with no phones, no contact with the outside world. They had such adventurous spirits.”

When not creating beautiful music, studying great books, or spending a quiet day at the lake, Johnny Cash spent his free time collecting coins. June favored musical instruments and antiques–a lot of them. “At one point she counted up 80 beds in 5 houses,” says Cash.

We have an image of Johnny Cash as being very serious, but his son assures us there was a lighter side to the Man in Black.

“He had a great sense of humor, always more willing to laugh than to cry.”

We can certainly see his playfulness in the photo albums he created for June.

According to their son, Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash were always learning and always searching. They were also always recording. The lost recordings of Out Among the Stars will be released on March 25, to a world of Cash fans who never could have hoped for another collection of songs from an artist who has long since passed over to those far banks of Jordan.

We’re especially excited about the duet, “Baby Ride Easy,” which Johnny and June performed on stage frequently during the early 1980s and is included in Out Among the Stars, to be released on March 25th. John Carter Cash was in the studio the day his parents recorded the duet. Memories of his mother are strong for Cash in this song.

“Her spirit was always vivacious and true, in that song in particular. It’s such a blessing that the song is being released now.”

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We’re celebrating the great romance of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash along with the debut of Out Among The Stars. Discovered in 2012, this is truly a lost, previously unreleased Johnny Cash album.  These aren’t alternate takes or different versions of songs that you’ve heard.  These are brand new songs to the Cash canon. Completed in 2013 by Johnny’s only son John Carter Cash, Out Among The Stars is a pivotal Johnny Cash album lost in time, and now ready to become a classic. It will be released March 25, 2014.

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Images: Courtesy of John Carter Cash and The Johnny Cash Museum