Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash at Home: Exclusive Interview with John Carter Cash Part 1


The romance of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash was famously complex. The often turbulent, decades-long romance has been chronicled in print and film since they first met in the early 1950s and married in 1968. Through the worst of times, the couple managed to keep saying yes, to each other and their relationship. With the help of their son John Carter Cash, on what would have been their 46th anniversary, we celebrate the long-lasting love of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.

John Carter Cash lives under no illusions about the struggles his legendary parents endured. But endure they did. “Their love was strong,” he says.

The love his parents had for each other lasted. “The way they showed their love for each other was gentle. They were long-suffering, always forgiving, open-minded, willing to look over past pains. As a result, their love lasted a long time.”

That’s what John Carter Cash wants people to know about his parents and their love for one another, that it was honest and true, and that the couple enjoyed each other tremendously.

Johnny Cash always celebrated his wife, on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and her birthday especially. “He would always write a personal valentine out of construction paper,” says John Carter Cash. He also created personal photo albums for June.

Johnny and June spent 150-180 days a year performing, which is where they did most of their singing together. John Carter Cash recalls they were always full of music in spirit “That was their heart’s connection,” he says.

John Carter Cash’s personal favorites were “If I Were a Carpenter” and “Jackson,” but he remembers and their favorite song to sing together was always a spiritual. “Far Side Banks of Jordan” was the couple’s most important and meaningful song.

Amazing recording late in life:

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Images: Courtesy of John Carter Cash