Johnny Galecki Sometimes Plays Drums for Randy Houser, So We’re Hoping Houser Ends Up on “Roseanne”


You first met Johnny Galecki as a teen on “Christmas Vacation” and “Roseanne.” Now, you know him for the massively successful, “Big Bang Theory,” but did you also know when he’s not shooting sitcoms he likes to hit the road with Randy Houser as his drummer? Yeah, it’s true.

Apparently, the relationship kind of just happened, Houser told Taste of Country, “you know, he’s become one of my dear friends. A lot of times when he gets through taping, he’ll go and ride with me for a few days. And he’s really a good drummer. At first he was shy about it.”

Galecki has also played a bit of guitar for Houser.

We’re still not entirely sure how this happened, we’re fine with it, as long as we can get a Houser appearance on “Big Bang Theory,” now that would be a real treat.

While out on the road, Galecki shared about the joys of playing music and encouraged kids to learn an instrument, “Playing drums on tour with my brother @randyhouser is one of the greatest thrills of my blessed life. If you were not taught an instrument (which I️ was not, as you snooty musicians will inevitably take joy in pointing out) or if you have children, teach them our joyous, universal language even if that means you must learn one first (goodness knows our public schools aren’t any more). Much love. We need it.”

Last year, Galecki shared a video of himself inside Houser’s home studio saying, “When you swing through #Nashville and good friends adopt and feed you and then welcome you to figure demos tracks in their home studio. A wonderful day. Incredible and irreplaceable new friends @randyhouser and @tatianahouser . I never want the sound of that river to leave me. ❤️you both. Special guest: #hawk

So, again, we need Houser on TV soon.