Let Johnny Cash Show You How To Celebrate The One You Love On Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day can get blown out of proportion. I don’t mean that cynically. The pageantry, candy, flowers, and feeling that this must be the most romantic day of the year can lead folks to think love can only live in big gestures. But some of the small gestures express deep love more clearly and vibrantly than any helicopter getaway. Take for example a love letter written from Johnny Cash to the love of his life June Carter Cash. It is simple and sweet, but profoundly romantic.

Take notes fellas.

Happy Birthday Princess,
We got old and got used to each other. We think alike. We read each other’s minds. We know what the other wants without asking. Sometimes we irritate each other a little bit. Maybe sometimes take each other for granted.
But once in a while, like today, I meditate on it and realize how lucky I am to share my life with the greatest woman I ever met. You still fascinate me for the better. You’re the object of my desire, the #1 reason for my earthly existence. I love you very much.
Happy Birthday Princess,

The note was written to June on her 65th birthday after 26 years of marriage. This sort of affection was not unusual. Johnny notably defined paradise in an interview as “This morning with her, having coffee.”


I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: love is not made on shows like “The Bachelor” but a lifetime of small affectionate gestures in a committed relationship. Johnny and June proved that time and time again.

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Johnny and June • 1967

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