5 Best Ways to Get Your Boots Dirty, According to Jon Pardi


Country music sensation Jon Pardi knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a true country boy. Growing up in a family where hard work was something to be praised, the 31-year-old artist was raised to understand the beauty in getting your hands, and boots, dirty.

“My dad was a super-hard worker,” Jon explains on his website. “Now as a grown man I really appreciate that. The area I’m from is really blue-collar, agricultural, everybody’s working, everybody’s doing something in construction, something in farming. Everybody’s just working hard. When I go back, there’s that pride there that’s like this made me who I am.”

In a recent video released on his YouTube channel, Jon shared his top five favorite ways to get dirt on his boots — aka, his favorite hard-working, country boy things to do.

Top 5 Ways To Get Dirt On Your Boots:

1. Take your off-road vehicle off roading.

2. Run a tractor.

3. Go to the rodeo.

4. Walk in a field.

5. Go to Jon’s house.