Jon Pardi’s New Music Video For “Heartache Medication” is Just What the Doctor Ordered


Waiting for Jon Pardi’s music video for “Heartache Medication” to premiere was like waiting for Santa Claus to come. The anticipation of solid, traditional country music and the promise of seeing this rising country star hit the hardwoods is almost too much to bear.


It was SO worth the wait.

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Once again, Jon comes through with bona fide country music, replete with fiddle, steel and a sufficient amount of twang to support his authentically country roots, but not so much as to render it “hayseed.” And the video for “Heartache Medication,” complements that approach without overthinking or attempting some artsy interpretation.

Billy Bob’s meets Bakersfield any time Jon performs, but more so when he is in what appears to be his natural habitat—a honky-tonk. The long-legged and baby-faced cowboy has proven to us time and time again that he’s as comfortable on the dance floor as he is on a stage, a horse, or a tractor, but in this lightly choreographed and fun-to-watch video, he ups the ante.

Jon wears his influences on his sleeve…or in his boots in “Heartache Medication.” Longtime country fans may have “Fast As You” flashbacks as the hit singer songwriter strums his guitar and dances alone, but when he’s joined by his actual (and beautiful) girlfriend, Summer, and the two start stirring up the sawdust, we feel a little nostalgic for Bud and Sissy in Urban Cowboy, or The Nashville Network’s Club Dance.

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Country music has become a melting pot of all kinds of wonderful music and incredible artistry, but it’s comforting to know that the traditions of the genre and lifestyle are still being held and respected by artists like Jon Pardi.