[Watch] Jordan Davis Heads to the Big Apple in “Take It From Me” Video

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Jordan Davis traveled to New York City to film the music video for his infectious new single, “Take It From Me.” While the video features the singer performing the track at a venue in the city, it also follows a couple up to some mischief during his set.

“We really wanted to mix it up with this video,” Jordan tells Billboard. “Since ‘Singles You Up’ was shot in the desert in El Paso, Texas, the first thing that came to mind was New York. I love the energy and feeling you get when you’re in it, and thought it’d be a perfect fit for this video.”

The video for “Take It From Me” has Jordan singing the song in the middle of an empty street before the viewer is introduced to a couple ready for a night out on the town. When the couple gets to the club to see Jordan perform, the girl heads to the bathroom where she puts on her disguise. Moments later she’s seen ditching her leather jacket and donning a wig. Soon, she finds a different guy to seduce while managing to take his wallet. Once she successfully accomplishes this, the woman grabs her real boyfriend and runs out of the club only to be chased down by cops.

While the woman quite literally took a wallet from the guy at the club as Jordan crooned the lines “take it from me,” he explains that the song is about the beginning stages of a relationship and not the actual act of stealing something.

“‘Take It From Me’ is a song about the early stages of a relationship when it doesn’t matter what she wants from you, she can take it — your time, your shirts, anything — she can have it. I think everybody has gone through that honeymoon phase of a relationship,” he says.

“Take It From Me” follows the success of Jordan’s debut single and No. 1 hit “Singles You Up.”