Justin Moore’s 12 Days of Holiday Story-Sharing Stems From The Loss of His Beloved Grandfather

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Justin Moore is reaching out to fans share his stories of loved ones in hopes that fans will share back with him.

“This holiday season a lot of us are often left missing those who are no longer with us,” said Justin in a statement. “For me that’s my Grandfather, Tom Moore. For the next twelve days I want to tell your story, on who you’d visit with this holiday season “if heaven wasn’t so far away.”

Justin lost his grandfather, Tom, in 2009 when he succumbed to cancer at the age of 72. The 33-year-old singer was very close to his grandfather, learning how to hunt and fish from him. Justin and his wife even named their only son, Thomas South Moore, after the older Moore.

“God has given us another wonderful gift, in him, June 11th. His name is Thomas South Moore, named after my late grandfather,” he wrote on Instagram.

After sharing his story about his grandfather, Justin wants his fans to share stories with him so they can remember lost loved ones throughout the holidays. For the next 12 days, Justin would like to hear your story about a friend or family member that will be missed and thought of during this holiday season. Every day, Justin will then pick a story and share it on his social media accounts.

Fans can submit their holiday stories here: justinmooremusic.com/twelvestories