Justin Moore Honors Route 91 Harvest Victims During Concert [Watch]

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Justin Moore wasn’t in attendance when a lone gunman opened fire on the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas last year killing 58 and injuring hundreds of country fans, but he shares that the massacre had a major affect on him. At a recent concert, the singer invited three festival survivors to the stage who wanted him to autograph a sign that read, “Survivor 10/01/2017 Country Strong.”

“Country fans are pretty special to me,” Justin said mid-concert as he brought them to the stage. “Joe has been wanting me all show to sign this sign. You guys were at the Route 91 festival? We’re very thankful that you’re here tonight as well. I wasn’t there that night, but that night changed every single artist in country music and it changed every single fan and I’m so proud and so thankful that you guys are still coming out here and doing this and showing up. More importantly, we’re so thankful that you guys are here tonight safe and sound, and hopefully you have a great experience this evening.”

The singer then autographed his fan’s sign before giving him a big hug. Later, he’d invite Joe’s family members, Ashley and Isaac, to help sing “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” with him on stage as fans in the audience chanted “Joe” and “God bless you guys.”

“How ’bout we dedicate this song to our military and to the folks that went to the Route 91 festival and didn’t make it back home that night?” Justin asks while Joe tearfully nods in approval.

Justin and three Route 91 Harvest Festival survivors share the stage and sing the heartfelt ballad together.

“You’re in our thoughts and prayers today and every day #Route91 #VegasStrong,” Justin captions the clip on the one-year anniversary of the festival shooting in Las Vegas.