Justin Moore Says His Favorite Thing About Being Out on the Road Is “Getting Paid”


Country music singer Justin Moore has had a busy year — and things don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Not only is the 32-year-old artist smack-dab in the middle of promoting his new (groundbreaking) album Kinda Don’t Care, but he’s also out on the road doing press, playing shows and interacting with fans.

Oh, and he’s also spending his summer mastering the art of being a Waffle House chef.

Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Justin and talk to him candidly about what life’s been like on the road– and, in short, he just really misses his family.

When we asked him what his favorite part of life on the road is, he, without hesitation answered, “Getting paid.”

“No, you know, it’s cool to see different places, and the fans… But, we don’t get paid to play music, we get paid to be away from our families,” he explained. “The times that make it worthwhile are the hour, hour and a half, or whatever, you’re on stage.”