Toby Keith Has a Songwriting Credit on Justin Timberlake’s New Album


A lot has been said about Justin Timberlake‘s new album, Man of the Woods— painful, unholy mashups, kind of embarrassing, and other less than pleasant tones. And though it was originally, somewhat billed as a return to his Southern-ish roots and implied it would have some country vibes, JT later came back and said he did not make a country album. (But, maybe he should have?)

Even though Man of the Woods is not a country album, one of country music’s most prolific songwriters, Toby Keith, is listed as a songwriter on, unfortunately, one of the worst songs on the album, “Sauce.” The lyrics present JT as a sexy, smooth talker, which he has been in the past and reduced him to singing lines like:

Ooh, I love your pink, you like my purple
That color right between those, that’s where I worship

I can find no mention of Keith and JT actually getting together to write this one, but JT sample 2005 No. 1 “As Good As I Once Was.”