Kacey Musgraves Refuses to Drink Out of Strangers Shoe and We Can’t Blame Her

Kacey Musgraves turns down request for Shoey in Australia
Photo by Tammie Arroyo / AFF-USA.COM

It isn’t unusual at all to see a country star on stage shotgunning a beer that was given to him or her by a well-meaning fan. And the concert goers at Kacey Musgraves recent show in Sydney, Australia certainly meant no harm to the country star, however, their request took a bit of a left turn from your typical shotgun or beer bong.

People magazine reports that the Grammy award winner was performing for her Aussie fans at the Enmore Theater on Sunday (May 12) when one suggested that she partake in a “shoey”—the Australian custom of drinking from someone’s shoe. This isn’t unusual and, according to Wikipedia, Australian Formula One racers and rugby players often “shoey” to celebrate a victory.

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But Kacey is American. In fact, she’s  Texan. And a Grammy winner. And while she attempted to brush away their request with a laugh, the Aussies were persistent and the plea became a chant. A boot was offered for her to use as the vessel, then someone suggested she used one of her band member’s shoes.

In a video shared by a fan, Kacey seemed to take it all in stride and seemed to resist that suggestion even more vehemently saying, “You could have athlete’s foot or something.” She then rolled on with her show and it doesn’t seem as if her refusal dampened her or the audience’s enthusiasm for the show.

However, some of her Aussie supporters did express their embarrassment of the situation. “I can’t believe we, as an audience, almost bullied  @KaceyMusgravesinto doing a shoey on stage tonight. Oh what a world, indeed,” Annie Armenian wrote.

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No harm, no foul.

And no shoey. Or Vegamite. But all of the Tim Tams.