A Fan Wants to Send Kacey Musgraves Her Novel About A Merman and Kacey Will Probably Read It and Maybe Reese Witherspoon Will Make It Into a Movie

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A few years ago, after Reese Witherspoon started her own production company she started recommending books to her fans. Literally, a book club I was in once only read books Reese put on her Instagram. Luckily for us, Reese is from Nashville, visits often and has a connection to Kacey Musgraves, because we need her help in getting this book pushed to the masses.

Kacey recently shared a screenshot of a direct message she received from a fan on Twitter. It’s an idea for a novel. I’ve never seen “50 Shades of Grey,” but it feels like that movie obviously influenced by “The Little Mermaid.” Or something.

Kacey, obviously, told the fan she was intrigued.

While Kacey’s reply was pretty amazing, other tweets were even more hilarious. Mainly, everyone thinks Kacey should start a book club, which is where Reese really comes in. Reese, are you reading this?!

And yes, one Twitter user reminded Kacey this could be a great opportunity for her to score the soundtrack for the movie version.