Kacey Musgraves Gets Big Scare From Ellen DeGeneres and Hannah Montana

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Kacey Musgraves made a visit to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ to talk about her CMA nominations and latest album Golden Hour. 

However, the country singer got more than she bargained for when she fell victim to one of Ellen’s scare pranks. Ellen is known for scaring her guests by having a staffer pop out of box or jump around a corner when talking to celebrity guest. So when Kacey hit the set, she was primed to be the next victim.

Ellen slyly steered Kacey toward talking about a former gig, before she was famous, where she dressed up as Hannah Montana to perform at parties.

“That was a very short, brief stint. It didn’t go that well. I got paid in change, a kid tried to pull my wig off. He said ‘You’re not the real Hannah Montana,'” Kacey recalled of the gig. But just as Kacey got really into telling her Hannah Montana story, a man dressed like Hannah Montana jumped out of a box and scared Kacey right out of her seat.

“Oh my God!,” Kacey yelled.

Kacey’s in good company. Ellen has successfully scared A-list celebrities including, Taylor Swift, Kerry Washington, Carrie Underwood, Sterling K. Brown, Jimmy Fallon, Eric Stonestreet and many, many more.