8 Best Lyrical Turns on Kacey Musgraves’ Masterful ‘Golden Hour’


Finally, Kacey Musgraves‘ fourth studio album (yes, we count that brilliant Christmas compilation), Golden Hour, is here for the world’s consumption. If you start listening to it thinking you’re going to hear the classic Country and Western Musgraves has become known for– you will and you won’t. You definitely won’t.

If you don’t head into Golden Hour the way Musgraves recorded it– with an open mind and an eagerness to try something different, you’ll be lost. But, eventually, you’ll pass something familiar– a phrase here, a little bit of steel there. This record is still classic Musgraves because she’s always recorded what she wanted to record. While a lot of people are saying Golden Hour doesn’t have as many lyrical quips as Same Trailer Different Park and Pageant Material, I can agree to an extent, but when Musgraves was writing this album, she was in a place she hasn’t really been before– madly in love (and also heartbroken at one point). She’s happy and you can hear it. Sure, Golden Hour, is full of sentimental love songs, but Musgraves’ songwriting is as strong as ever.

8 Best Lyrical Turns on Kacey Musgraves’ Masterful ‘Golden Hour’:

1. “Butterflies”
Now you’re lifting me up ‘stead of holding me down
Stealing my heart ‘stead of stealing my crown

2. “Butterflies” 

I was hiding in doubt ’til you brought me out of my chrysalis
And I came out new all because of you

3. “Love Is A Wild Thing”

Running like a river trying to find the ocean
Flowers in the concrete
Climbing over fences, blooming in the shadows
Places that you can’t see
Coming through the melody when the night bird sings
Love is a wild thing

4. “Space Cowboy

I know my place, and it ain’t with you
Well sunsets fade, and love does too
Yeah, we had our day in the sun
When a horse wants to run, there ain’t no sense in closing the gate
You can have your space, cowboy


5. “Velvet Elvis”

I don’t really care ’bout the Mona Lisa
I need a Graceland kind of man who’s always on my mind
I wanna show you off every evening
Go out with you in powder blue and tease my hair up high

You’re my velvet Elvis, I ain’t never gonna take you down

6. “High Horse”

To know that you ain’t ever gonna come down
So, why don’t you giddy up, giddy up
And ride straight out of this town
You and your high horse


7. “Golden Hour”

I used to get sad and lonely when the sun went down
But it’s different now
‘Cause I love the light that I’ve found in you


8. “Rainbow”

When it rains, it pours
But you didn’t even notice it ain’t rainin’ anymore
It’s hard to breathe when all you know is
The struggle of stayin’ above the risin’ water line