Kacey Musgraves Shows All Her True Colors In New Music Video For “Oh, What a World” [Watch]


If you scroll through Kacey Musgraves’ Instagram feed, you’re going to see a lot of colors. A LOT of colors. And even on the rare occasion that she wears black, it’s usually embellished with some type of sparkle, embroidery or flair. And we love her for it. Recently, she’s been seen in Barbie pink Moschino at the Met Gala and her Christian Cowan ombré suit for the ACM Awards was cotton candy pink, green, and blue.

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From the looks of her wardrobe, she’s not afraid of color, and from the sounds of her album, Golden Hour, she’s not afraid to try new things. In the music video for “Oh, What a World,” the two collide in a display of sparkling, psychedelic, animated goodness.

Weird? Sure! But in such a palatable, soothing way, you can almost smell the patchouli. In fact, the obvious theme of mystical and metaphysical is a delight. Centaur Kacey, a merman swimming in a rainbow sea, blue crystals, floating lotus flowers, the third eye, and a banjo- picking frog the likes of which we haven’t seen since Kermit dazzled us with “Rainbow Connection,” all invoke a tripalicious sensation without compromising your company’s random drug test.


Of course, the visual syncs up beautifully to the lyrics of the song, which are, in fact, exploring the many and universal questions of existence, evolution, and being. Watch closely as real Kacey is morphed into avatar Kacey…“and these are real things, yeah these are real things.”

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It’s been well-publicized that Kacey did write some of the music for her album Golden Hour in an altered state, and one might think that the video for “Oh, What a World” was conceived in a similar fashion.

Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe Kacey operates at a higher level of consciousness. Maybe it was ‘shrooms. Maybe it was the Lisa Frank effect.

Maybe…maybe it’s the rainbow connection.