Kacey Musgraves is the Only Person (Ever) to High-Five a Member of the Royal Family in Public

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Kacey Musgraves is one of those Texans you always hear about– Texas first and Texas later– even when abroad.

Currently, Kacey is in the UK as a part of C2C: Country to Country festival, which is an annual multi-day country music festival created in association with the Country Music Association.

And though she’s a headliner of the annual even this year, while in an interview with the BBC, Kacey was mainly asked about that time she high-fived Prince Harry in 2015 at Royal Albert Hallwhen she was a part of Royal Variety Hour, which is in aid of the Royal Variety Charity– formally The Entertainment Artistes’ Benevolent Fund of which the Queen is a patron. (That was the show where she covered Coldplay’s “Yellow” and people cried.)

The hosts weren’t shy in asking, “So, you high-fived him and at the time, you didn’t realize you weren’t supposed to do that.”

Kacey was sweet in her response, but gave it to them straight, “Yeah, I did that. Okay, so I’m from Texas. I haven’t really read the manual on royal etiquette. I didn’t really go to elocution lessons or anything. He came up and I put my hand up and we had a laugh. And later, when I came back, the label was like, ‘oh, you shouldn’t have done that.'”

They also told Kacey she was the first to ever high-five a member of the Royal Family in public, which is kind of an insanely cool fact– for those of us, who like Kacey, “didn’t really go to elocution lessons or anything.”

For the record, those Royals have some crazy rules, like:

  • Formal wear is required for dinner.
  • Napkins must be folded in half after use.
  • Eye contact should be maintained throughout the firm handshake. Oh, and two pumps max; otherwise it’s a bad look.
  • The Royal Family has to accept every single gift they are given.