[Watch] Reese Witherspoon and Kacey Musgraves Talk Dolly Parton, “Follow Your Arrow” While Driving Around Nashville

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Kacey Musgraves is Reese Witherspoon’s latest guest on the actress’ new female-driven series “Shine On with Reese.” In the episode, which airs Aug. 21 on DIRECTV, the two friends drive around Nashville and discuss their love for Dolly Parton as well as Kacey’s new album, Golden Hour, and her 2014 CMA Song of the Year “Follow Your Arrow.”

In a clip available ahead of the show’s premiere, Kacey explains that she first took the idea for “Follow Your Arrow” to Katy Perry but the pop singer thought she should save it for herself.

“It was an unintentional anthem,” Kacey explains. “I had to go into the label and be like, ‘Hey, I wrote this song last minute and here it is. I want to put this on this album. I’m really excited about it. What do you think?’ They were like, ‘People are going to hate it. You’re going to go down in flames in the country world.’ And I was like, ‘Look, I’m fine with that. This is something I want to say, and there’s all kinds of country people out there,’ you know?”

Reese admits that “Follow Your Arrow” is one of her favorite country songs. She also confesses that she dreamed of a singing career for herself when she was a little girl.

“When I was little I wanted to be a country music singer,” she says with a laugh. “I wanted to be Dolly [Parton]. I would go to acting class and singing lessons and I worked so hard at it and then one time I was 13 years old and I went to this acting/singing camp. I got up and I started singing something and they were like ‘Your singing is awful. Go straight to the monologue.’ I always won the monologue competition and always lose the singing competition.”

Dolly was one of the first guests on Reese’s show. “Shine On with Reese” can be viewed on DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW and U-Verse via the Hello Sunshine VOD channel.