Kacey Musgraves’ Husband Ruston Kelly to Drop Debut Album ‘Dying Star’

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Music runs in the family for Kacey Musgraves as her husband, Ruston Kelly, is set to drop his debut album on Sept. 7. Titled Dying Star, Ruston penned each of the 14 tracks. Co-writers include country heavyweights Natalie Hemby, Brendan Benson, Kyle Jacobs and Lucie Silvas.

Dying Star was co-produced by Ruston and Jarrad K (Kate Nash, Weezer), and recorded at Sonic Ranch in El Paso, Texas. The latest offering follows Ruston’s debut EP, Halloween, which was released last April. The lead single, “Jericho,” is available now with the album’s announcement.

“A lot of my music is focused on suffering, or trying to understand the human condition through the lens of suffering…which probably sounds totally depressing, but it’s actually the flipside of that,” Ruston explains in a statement. “Sometimes you’ve gotta go into that darkness—you need to get lost and then figure out for yourself how to find your way back. That’s the only way we can find pure joy, and really be thankful for the life we’ve been given.”

Previously, Ruston teamed up with Kacey as part of Johnny Cash: Forever Words, a tribute album that puts the country legend’s unreleased poems and lyrics to music thanks to the help of several artists. The couple joined forces for “To June This Morning,” a poem Johnny wrote for his wife, June, when she was pregnant with their only son together, John Carter Cash.

Ruston Kelly’s Dying Star Track List:

1. “Cover My Tracks” (Ruston, Jarrad K)
2. “Mockingbird” (Ruston Kelly)
3. “Son Of A Highway Daughter” (Ruston Kelly)
4. “Paratrooper’s Battle Cry” (Ruston Kelly)
5. “Faceplant” (Ruston, Jarrad K, Brendan Benson)
6. “Blackout” (Ruston, Jarrad K, Joy Williams)
7. “Big Brown Bus” (Ruston Kelly)
8. “Mercury” (Ruston Kelly)
9. “Anchors” (Ruston, Jarrad K)
10. “Just For The Record” (Ruston, Jarrad K, Lucie Silvas)
11. “Trying To Let Her” (Ruston, Joe Leathers, Kyle Jacobs)
12. “Jericho” ( Ruston, Joy Williams, Natalie Hemby)
13. “Dying Star” (Ruston Kelly)
14. “Brightly Burst Into The Air” (Ruston Kelly)