Kacey Musgraves and Husband Ruston Kelly Arguing Through Song is Hilarious

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Celebrity couples spark a lot of interest amongst fans and Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly are no different. So when the couple was performing at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee, we were able to get a sneak peek into their marriage as well as the age-old battle of men vs.women.

Ruston and Kacey took the stage and Ruston began to perform a song about a night when he was arrested. Hilarious in itself, but not has hilarious as the back and forth rendition. Kacey took to Instagram to share the hilarious video, letting us know that Ruston was only telling one side of the story.

“When your husband writes a song about that time he got arrested and forgets to include your side of the story..😏,” she wrote.

In the first video, Ruston sings his side.

S–it got real / She was crying, I was playing a game on my phone / started to think if there’s any weed left at home,” he sang as the crowd cheered.

Kacey then interrupts her hubby to tell share her side. “Stop,” she said. “I’m sorry. This is Bulls–t. This was a frustrating night for me. Does anyone care about my side? I have a side.”

The crowd cheered and Kacey took the guitar from Ruston’s hands and began her story in the second video posted.

I turned out the light and I got in bed / I lied to myself how I needed rest / It was midnight a number popped up on my phone / It’s a cop now what the F–k has he done,” she sings.

The crowd went nuts and just then, we realized how much Ruston and Kacey were meant to be.