Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly’s “To June This Morning” is a Stunning, Perfect Look Into Love, Marriage and Johnny Cash


A few weeks ago, during an interview with GQ, Kacey Musgraves shared a simple, yet profound insight into her relationship with new husband Ruston Kelly, “He’s got the biggest heart. I mean, he’s the nice one in this equation. He is so giving and forgiving and patient… And he just has the best family… I’d just never really been taken care of like this. As in, ‘Hey, I know you have a big day today. I made you a bowl of cereal.’ Little things like that.”

Cereal and little things like that really stuck out to me because it takes someone special to do the little things for someone else and honestly, it takes a certain type of person to notice those things and not take advantage of them.

Before Kacey and Ruston were married last fall, they got a call from John Carter Cash about working on a project regarding his father, Johnny Cash’s unreleased and somewhat unfinished at times writings and poems, Johnny Cash: Forever Words.

The newlyweds took Johnny’s poem, “To June This Morning” and turned it into a real masterpiece, especially when you remember that Ruston and Kacey are newlyweds and Johnny was always a newlywed around his wife June Carter Cash.

And I made the morning coffee,
And you feed on the stairs,
You said good morning to me,
And I sat beside you there.

Ruston shared, “I actually put music to this poem 12 years and I thought it was so sweet and honest and true… I thought it would be a good idea if Kacey and I put a melody to that old poem.”

It resonated with Kacey because it’s a lifestyle she’s familiar with, “It’s just a sweet peek into what probably was, at times, a really chaotic lifestyle and it was a moment in time that was just really thankful.”