Kacey Musgraves’ New “Space Cowboy” is the Best Sad Song You’ll Hear This Year


As promised, Kacey Musgraves has dropped two new songs off her upcoming Golden Hour album and they’re exactly like she said– different than anything she’s done before.

“Space Cowboy,” is a sad breakup song that’s full of Kacey’s classic wit and wisdom, but also pangs of sadness that listeners haven’t really heard before.

You look out the window
While I look at you
Sayin’ I don’t know
Would be like saying that the sky ain’t blue
And boots weren’t made for sitting by the door
Since you don’t wanna stay anymore

You can have your space, cowboy
I ain’t gonna fence you in
Go on ride away, in your Silverado
Guess I’ll see you ’round again
I know my place, and it ain’t with you
Sunsets fade, and love does too
Yeah, we had our day in the sun
When a horse wants to run, there ain’t no sense in closing the gate
You can have your space, cowboy

After the gold rush, there ain’t no reason to stay
Shoulda learned from the movies that good guys don’t run away
But roads weren’t made to not go down
There ain’t room for both of us in this town


Written with frequent collaborators Shane McAnally and Luke Laird, this tune also experiments a little bit with production, but instead of pulling itself out of country music, it also sounds, are you ready for it– like an ethereal-outerspace country song.




Golden Hour is available on March 30.

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McAnally posted his story of how the song came to be, “It’s no secret how I feel about this golden girl from Golden, Tx….but as many golden days as I’ve had with her, the day she walked in with this idea was one I will never forget. @lukerobert and I just sat there watching her lay out this story and this melody, and couldn’t believe how lucky we were to be sitting in the room. It is the kind of hurt that country music was built on, and the kind of song I came to Nashville hoping to write. Kacey and @tronian and @thesilverseas made a record that is gonna change your soul. “Golden Hour” comes out March 30th, but until then….go find “Space Cowboy” and “Butterflies” NOW and get ready to take a ride.”