Kaleb Lee Took On Kenny Chesney’s “Never Wanted Nothing More” and Landed a Spot on #TeamBlake During “The Voice” Blinds


The first round of blind auditions took place on “The Voice,” and the season is already off to a great start!

Florida native Kaleb Lee spent a few years in Nashville writing songs, but put his dream aside to head to the corporate world to provide for his family– but in pursuit of getting back on track for his dream of becoming a musician, he auditioned for “The Voice.” He took on Kenny Chesney’s song “Never Wanted Nothing More,” and while his performance wasn’t flawless, he did show a ton of potential, and his voice is undeniably incredible.

Kelly was the first to turn her chair, followed by Blake Shelton. Despite Kelly Clarkson singing to Kaleb (a little reminiscent of Jennifer Hudson last season, don’t you think?), Kaleb decided to go with Blake Shelton, saying that his kids watch the show and love him– he even brought his (insanely cute) family out on the stage for his big decision.

Watch Kaleb’s first performance below!