Kane Brown Details His Country Music Evolution— “I Just Felt Like I Could Fit In”

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Kane Brown grew up listening to ’90s country. It’s a period within the genre that he calls “the greatest era of country music” in a new interview with Beats 1 on Apple Music. While speaking with Apple Music’s Brooke Reese, the singer discusses some of the songs on his latest album Experiment as well as finding his place within the genre.

“Tim McGraw was the first person that I listened to and back then, ’90s country to me was the greatest era of country,” he says. “Then, I started listening to Florida Georgia Line and ‘Cruise’ and it was such a broader audience. Everybody could listen to it. Country music was growing. So I was like, ‘I could be a part of this.’”

Slowly, Kane watched the rise of artists like Sam Hunt and Thomas Rhett. He recognized that they weren’t wearing cowboy boots or hats and the genre embraced fans of every race. He says these are the types of people you’ll see attending his show.

“You come to one of my shows and we have all different races. People that like the same sex. You got people who you would not think would even remotely listen to country music and they do,” he says. “My shows are basically what we want the world to be, where everybody gets along. I think that’s why my fans connect with me and they connect with each other. I just felt like I could fit in.”

Kane has toured much of the world over the past few years and admits that he has been homesick at times. It’s this emotion that he channeled into his song “Homesick,” which he wrote while on the road.

“I already had the title because I had it written on my knuckles, and since I’ve been touring from 2015, I haven’t been home a lot. I miss my family. I miss my dogs. I miss the every day thing of just going out with your friends on the weekends,” he says. “So, I got homesick. We started writing a song about it, and literally when I finished it, it was like, 5:00 AM. We were headed home on the bus, and I went in my bed and started thinking of who else could relate to the song, and the first people that popped in my mind was the military. So, we got to do a video, and we had our fans send in all their military coming home videos, and we got to do a little tribute to them.”

Fans can listen to the full interview via Beats 1 on Apple Music.