Kane Brown Honors Daughter Kingsley With Personal Song “For My Daughter”

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Kane Brown new song for new baby For My Daughter
Photo by Tammie Arroyo / AFF-USA.COM

To say Kane Brown is adapting beautifully to fatherhood might be an understatement. The reality is, the talented singer-songwriter was ready to be a daddy well before Kingsley Rose made her debut on October 30. So, when he learned that he would be the father of a baby girl, he did what artists do. He put pen to paper and composed a musical message for his firstborn.

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The result is the intensely stirring and personal, but very relatable “For My Daughter” that Kane co-wrote with Tom Douglas and Chase McGill. “I wrote this song when I found out we were officially going to become parents. I meant every word, and cannot wait to watch her grow up,” the singer says.

While the verses of the song present different scenarios in a child’s life when a father is their support system, the chorus gives us a glimpse into Kane’s childhood growing up without a father:

They say dads are supposed to shape you and in a way, I guess mine did / I knew what I wouldn’t do if I ever had a kid / They say history repeats itself, well I guess that’s up to me / I grew up without a dad, I’m gonna be the best one I can be.”

Just as impressive as the lyrical message of the song is the instrumentation and production on “For My Daughter.” Kane has always said that he loved the country music of his childhood growing up in the 90s. And longtime fans know his covers of songs from Alan Jackson, George Strait, Lee Brice, Billy Currington and more. The arrangement for “For My Daughter” is filled with that soaring fiddle, acoustic guitar and seamless harmonies, which further supports the tender message of a daddy to his daughter.

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With 12-seconds left, we hear Kane say, “I love you, baby girl.” Heart. Melted.

Hopefully, this will be the song that Kane and Kingsley dance to on her wedding day, but before that happens, many other daddies and daughters will likely be waltzing to its sweet and sentimental message on wedding days soon.