Hear Kane Brown’s New Collaboration with Khalid “Saturday Nights”

Kane Brown Khalid collaboration Saturday Nights
Photos by Tammie Arroyo/AFF-USA.com

Kane Brown teams up with R&B singer Khalid on a new remix of “Saturday Nights.” The remix is strikingly similar to the original track, which was first featured on Khalid’s 2018 EP Suncity. The major difference is that this one includes Kane singing a new second verse while assisting on harmonies.

“Saturday nights / Your work shoes are stilettos / Smell of cheap perfume / Makeup on your face tryin’ to hide the pain / All the lies that look like the truth / Deep in your heart all you want is love / But you never felt good enough / You got wrapped up in other plans / But this ain’t the way the story ends,” Kane sings on the track.

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The three-minute clip shows off Kane’s soulful singing style alongside hand-clapped beats and sultry production. On the track, Kane and Khalid sing of a girl with family troubles while professing their love for her.

“All the things that I know / That your parents don’t / They don’t care like I do / No way like I do,” Kane and Khalid sing on the song’s chorus. Listen to the track below.

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This is far from Kane’s first collaboration. The singer had a No. 1 country duet with “What Ifs” featuring Lauren Alaina as well as previously teamed up with Becky G. for a Spanish version of his song “Lost In the Middle of Nowhere.” When interviewed last year about his past collaboration with Camila Cabello on “Never Be the Same,” he also teased that a track with EDM artist Marshmello was in the works.