Kane Brown Didn’t Learn He Was Biracial Until He Was Seven

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Kane Brown has personally witnessed racism for most of his life but in a new interview with People Magazine, the “Lose It” singer admits that he didn’t realize he was biracial until he was around seven years old. Born to a white mom and part Cherokee, part black father who wasn’t involved in his life, Kane recalls the moment he learned he was biracial.

“I didn’t know that until I was 7 or 8 years old,” the singer tells the publication. “I thought I was full white, which honestly, I can’t even really say because I didn’t see colors.”

While attending middle school in Georgia, his classmates began to make fun of him for his skin color.

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“I found out that I was biracial and I still wasn’t thinking anything of it, but then I started getting called the N-word,” he says. “I didn’t even know what it meant. I learned what it meant, and that’s when it started affecting me. I got in fights over it when I was little.”

In time, Kane moved past the racism. He says the bullying made him stronger and he hopes his success can help inspire other biracial kids to be stronger, too. “Now you can call me whatever you want,” he adds. “It just brushes off of me.”

Kane has been outspoken in the past of the racism he witnessed while pursuing a career in country music. While he learned how to deal with the racism when he was younger, once relocating to Nashville he’d soon be called names after people learned he was biracial.

“When I first got into country, I started getting some of those comments like, ‘He’s an N-word.’ Stuff like that,” he explains. “I used to screenshot it and put it on Twitter, like, ‘There still racism in the world.’ But I didn’t get into country music just to prove a point. I try to stay away from all negativity.”

Kane has succeeded in moving past the negativity. His sophomore album, “Experiment,” recently hit No. 1 on both the all-genre Billboard 200 and Billboard Top Country Albums charts.

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