Kane Brown Releases Important New Song, “Worldwide Beautiful,” When it is Most Needed

Kane Brown Releases Worldwide Beautiful song
Photo by Tammie Arroyo / AFF-USA.COM

Turn on the news, scan your newspaper or social media timeline and in seconds you can see that the world is in a state of unprecedented distress and life feels very heavy for everyone. In this time of upheaval, Kane Brown has come forward with “Worldwide Beautiful,” a song for healing and unity.

Written by Kane, Shy Carter, Ryan Hurd and Jordan Schmidt, the lyrics are uncomplicated, yet the message is deeply sincere and profound:

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Coast to coast, city to city / Reach out your hands if you’re with me / Still got some work but we still got a dream / Every shade, every heart come together and sing.”

Surprisingly, it wasn’t recent events that inspired this incredibly poignant song. In a post on his Instagram page, Kane said, “I’m releasing this song early that I’ve been holding onto for a year. I’m hoping it will bring us together during this time.”

He adds that proceeds from the song will be donated to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America who advocate justice and equality for the millions of young people who count on their presence in their communities across the country.

“Worldwide Beautiful” could be welcomed as a contemporary praise and worship song. Kane references family and faith throughout the song, lifting his voice to prayerfully plea:

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“Thank God, thank God, thank God, / Thank God, thank God, thank God / Coast to coast, city to city / Reach out your hands /If you’re with me.”

Thanks to Kane and his co-writers for providing a healing moment and for also reminding us: “You’re missing every color if you’re only seeing black and white.”