Kane Brown Surprises Aspiring Country Singer, Invites Her On Stage to Sing “What Ifs” [Watch]

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Kane Brown is an inspiration to countless aspiring country artists and one singer got the opportunity to meet the “Lose It” hitmaker during a recent Hilton Honors event in Dallas. Ahead of Kane’s performance for Hilton Honors members, a young woman named Chelsea McClendon was interviewed about how she dropped everything to pursue her dreams of becoming a musician, and how Kane was the main inspiration behind that decision.

“If he can do it, anyone can do it,” she tells cameras. “[His success] made it seem like my dream could potentially come true too. He’s probably one of the most inspirational country singers that I follow today. He has the best voice. I’m the biggest fan.”

Unbeknownst to Chelsea, Kane was listening to her interview and walked into the studio to say hello. Taken aback at meeting the singer, she then shares the influence he’s had on her as an aspiring singer herself.

“You are my biggest, biggest inspiration. Being of a different ethnic background and just making it seem like it’s do-able for me to go out and try to pursue my dream in country music,” she explains.

“Anything is possible,” Kane tells her.

They then chat over drinks on a rooftop and get to know each other better while the cameras roll. When asked who some of his biggest influences are, Kane says the people who he hangs out with most, including Jason Aldean. He then FaceTime’s Jason to introduce him to Chelsea as she sings “Drowns the Whiskey” for them both.

“I love it!” Jason exclaims.

Following her whirlwind meet and greet with Kane, Chelsea attended his concert at the local hotel. That isn’t the end of her day of surprises, though. Kane soon asks her to join him on stage to perform a duet of his previous chart topper, “What Ifs.” Watch it all unfold below.