Keisha Renee’s “Love Can Build a Bridge” Performance Was One of the Best Ever on “The Voice”

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When Keisha Renee first appeared on “The Voice,” we learned two things– she used to be a backup singer for Nicki Minaj and she really liked country music. Her blind audition was the classic country tune, “I Can’t Stop Loving You,” so it was no surprised she ultimately chose Blake Shelton as her coach. What has been surprising is her commitment to the genre throughout the knockouts and now, the playoffs.

Blake dialed up The Judds’ legendary “Love Can Build a Bridge” for the soulful songstress to nail and she didn’t need her daughter or mother to deliver this classic duet.

During rehearsals, Blake told her, “It’s so exciting for me, the possibility of your voice being on the radio on a country music station. Look at me, I’ve got goosebumps.”

The goosebumps continued outside of rehearsals with Jennifer Hudson telling her, “You are the bridge of gospel and country.” And Adam Levine adding in that Blake is dumb, but, “I’m not sure he’s dumb enough to let you go.”

And he didn’t. We’ll be seeing Keisha Renee at least one more week as she moves onto the Top 12 of “The Voice” for #TeamBlake.