Keisha Renee and Noah Mac Deliver the Best Battle for #TeamBlake During “The Voice”


Blake Shelton might have his most eclectic team ever on season 13 of “The Voice,” and it all starts with Keisha Renee and Noah Mac. Keisha is a 30-year-old, former backup singer for Nicki Minaj and Mac is a 17-year-old senior in high school who could easily have been alive in the 1950s. Keisha desperately wants to sing country music.

Blake had a big task ahead of him during the first battle round of the season and he paired the two together because, “They’re the most powerful singers on my team that could fit into a lot of different genres.”

With the help of Rascal Flatts, Blake picked quite the song for the pairing, “I gave Keisha and Noah, ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry’, the Elvis Presley version, because it’s country, it’s rock, they could kind of make this song their own.”

During rehearsals, the guys of Rascal Flatts couldn’t stop saying, “it’s going to be a tough decision for Blake.”

When it finally came time for the #TeamBlake battle, both impressed, but Keisha took home the most important vote– Blake’s. However, Jennifer Hudson was happy to steal away Noah telling him, “What are you 17? Your voice is like an old soul and that’s a gift. It’s very rare that you could be that young and sound like that.”