Keith Urban Explains How and Why “Blue Ain’t Your Color” is Unlike Any Song He’s Ever Done Before

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Keith Urban’s latest record, Ripcord, features some unique songs. Especially when it comes to “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” which is totally unlike anything Urban has done before.

“I got sent this one song called ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color.’ I love the title first of all, and the song just hit me. Lyrically and melodically, it was not like anything I’d cut before,” Urban said. “It’s basically a waltz with this kind of doo-wop theme to it and neither felt right for me, but there was something in the song that I sort of loved and I wanted to get to that.”

Eventually, Urban, along with help from his drummer Matt Chamberlain, found what was missing.

“Matt programed this really simple drum loop and that really became the rhythmic bonds of the song, instead of the traditional drums and I think it was by having that programed machinery under that kind of song it was just kind of the yin to the yang for it to feel inspiring to me,” he said.

For Urban, keeping the music as a frame for the vocals was the most important part of making the song what it is.

“The track is the gnat vein of extreme minimalism, and I wanted to try and keep it in that place so there was a lot of room for the vocals.”

Urban has been performing the track on the Ripcord world tour too.