Keith Urban Brings the Holiday Storm in Christmas Video for “I’ll Be Your Santa”


It’s the best of Christmas past and Christmas present in Keith Urban’s music video for his original new, retro holiday song, “I’ll Be Your Santa.”

Set in a Christmas tree forest inside what feels like a giant snow globe, the piece begins in black-and-white, matching the ’50s groove-and-bop feel of the arrangement, with Keith sitting at the piano in a white suit. Snowflakes gently float to the ground and the lights on the tree are obviously glowing, but when the intro fades and the verses take hold, a new Keith emerges in a black suit and tie, now strumming the guitar.

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As the first chorus begins, black-and-white becomes color and the snow seems to take on another dimension of glitter, and before the second chorus finishes, a third Keith, playing bass guitar, has appeared.

There doesn’t seem to be any deep, hidden meaning in “I’ll Be Your Santa,” which Keith co- wrote with hit songwriter Shane McAnally. Again, matching the vintage vibe of the production and arrangement of the song, the video is simple, classic and full of seasonal spirit.

To date, Keith has not recorded a full Christmas album, although he has appeared previously on the CMA’s Country Christmas special. It seems it would be a sure-fire hit, but in this day of digital downloading, it may be more fun to craft original holiday songs to release like a gift every year.

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And with a gift like that, who needs Santa Claus?

Wait…we don’t mean that. Santa?