Keith Urban’s “Female” is Here and OMG, The World Needs This Song (And Yes, Nicole Kidman is Singing Background Vocals)


It may be 2017, but in recent months it does seem like women are still fighting the same battles we’ve been fighting forever. Keith Urban, husband and father, obviously recognizes this.

Urban‘s new single, “Female” addresses everything from rape culture, to stereotypes, plus some of the good things about being female.

Written by Ross Copperman, Shane McAnally and Nicolle Galyon, the first verse asks two questions– is hitting like a girl a bad thing and when Beyonce sings, “who run the world? Girls!” do you believe it?

When you hear somebody say somebody hits like a girl
How does that hit you?
Is that such a bad thing?
When you hear a song that they play saying you run the world
Do you believe it?
Will you live to see it?

The second verse hits a little harder and addresses the too often repeated response women hear when reporting any type of sexual assault or harassment– she was asking for it.

When someone laughs and implies she asked for it,
Just because she was wearing a skirt,
Oh, is that how it works?
When somebody talks about ‘It was Adam first’,
does that make you second best
Or did He save the best for last?

The chorus runs through a list of positive phrases females are called and you can tell Urban uses these phrases on his own. He believes what he’s singing.

Sister, shoulder, daughter, lover
Healer, broken halo, mother
Nature, fire, suit of armor
Soul survivor, holy water,

Secret keeper, fortune teller
Virgin Mary, scarlet letter
technicolor, river wild
Baby girl, woman child

It seems like, instead of tweeting, “as a father of two daughters…” Urban is putting his money where his music is and saying enough is enough. Honestly, there aren’t a lot of people in country music who could sing this song and be believable. Especially not a lot of males. However, I could definitely see Miranda Lambert or Maren Morris covering it with a lot of reverence.

And, yes, Nicole Kidman is singing background vocals.