Keith Urban And Frankie Ballard Perform One Of The Most Epic Covers Of The Summer

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Summer is the season for live music. Everyone is on the road opening, headlining, and playing festivals with one another. This means we are bound to get some pretty epic collaborations and performances. One of the most impressive performances of this summer came during the Great Jones County Fair in Monticello, Iowa when Frankie Ballard joined Keith Urban onstage for a explosive cover of Georgia Satellites’ 1986 hit, “Keep Your Hands to Yourself.”

Ballard, who played the opening set of the night, joined Urban onstage for the finale. Ballard’s rockabilly style and Urban’s virtuosity blended perfectly with the tune, so much so that the duo only made it through two verses before letting their guitars do the talking. They ended the night with fireworks, trading licks and even guitars as they shredded their way through the song.

“Trading licks AND rides with @FrankieBallard – dude’s a bad ass,” Urban tweeted.

This is why you fight the crowds and mess of an outdoor festival.