Keith Urban Faces Challenges Making “God Whispered Your Name” Video


It’s always interesting to see what artists and video producers are going to come up for the companion piece to a new single. Keith Urban didn’t make fans wait very long before dropping the music video for “God Whispered Your Name,” And as gorgeous, thoughtful and appropriate as the video is, making it didn’t come without its own set of challenges.

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A portion of the video is set in the basement of what seems to be an abandoned warehouse. The lack of lighting casts a dusky tint to the footage which, appropriately, matches the dark desperation of the first verse.

I was so cold and lost / And nothing seemed to ring true / I couldn’t bear the cross / For everything I’d been through / And each day, I knew I needed change, /But there was no way, no way.”

Keith explains, “I wanted to first try and capture a sense of isolation, a lonely, dark place, that transitions into light a bit more as the video progresses, which for me is how I found my own world opening up as I went along my journey.”

But it wasn’t the lack of light that was an issue.“There was water in this room that I thought was like an inch deep. So, I opened the door, walked in and it was really about a foot,” Keith continues. “The first idea I had was to put my feet and socks into a garbage bag – tie them up and put my shoes on.  I’d have my foot, my sock, a garbage bag and then my shoe – it made so much sense – but the water went everywhere.  At the end of the shoot I took my boots off and they were drenched – probably as much water in the bag as there was in the waterway!”

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Of course, just as in the song, the dark gives way to light, but Keith then found himself in another ominous situation — perched precariously atop a large rock formation. He adds, “Playing guitar atop a boulder is definitely not a great idea. You just kinda lose yourself in what you’re doing, and every minute or two you realize what you’re doing, and you think, ‘I better not fall off this big ass boulder!’”

“God Whispered Your Name” is the follow-up single to Keith’s most recent hit single, “We Were.”