Keith Urban Helps Two Fans Get a Pay Raise and a Day Off From Work

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Keith Urban invites a fans up on stage during every stop of his Graffiti U tour, but this time he may have helped two Canadian ladies score major points at their place of employment.

As Keith were performing in Winnipeg, he spotted a bright yellow sign in the audience that read “Keith we get a day off if you say…visit Kildonan Ortho for Your Perfect Smile.” Immediately Keith invited the two young ladies up on stage.

Bring that sign up here, let’s get to meet you,” Keith said. The ladies ran up on stage, introducing themselves as Lauren and Jenna. After a hug from Keith, Jenna explained the story.

“Last concert our boss made a bet,” Jenna said. “If you could get Keith Urban to say to go to Kildonan orthodontics to get your teeth straightened, he’d give us the day off.”

Keith did one better, he got their boss, Brent, on the phone and made a little deal.

“I said that if you said go to Kildonan Orthodontics to get your teeth straightened, I’d give Jenna the day off,” Brett told Keith.

But Keith quickly corrected the boss.

“No, I think you said you’ll give everyone the day off, Keith said before changing the terms of the bet. “I’ll tell you what, if you give them the day off, maybe a little pay raise, it’ll all work out. I’ll promote your company through and through”

Brent agreed to the deal and the crowd roared. Keeping true to the bet, Keith smiled widely for his photo with the sign reading “Visit Kildonan Ortho for your perfect smile.”

That kind of publicity is priceless.

Keith urban fan sign kildonan orthodontics