Keith Urban Releases Party Video For “Never Comin’ Down”

Keith Urban Never Comin down
Photo by Tammie Arroyo/

Shortly after releasing his feel-good new single, “Never Comin’ Down,” Keith Urban is sharing his latest video for the uptempo tune.

The Aussie singer is pulling double duty in video, playing a taxi driver at the start and the party entertainment throughout . The video kicks off as a timid man exits a taxi and enters a bar. As he enters the bar, he is welcomed by a festive party led by Keith, singing at the bar.

While the young man is unsure of his surroundings, as drinks flow, people dance and the music is turned up loud, he slowly but surely gets into the groove and begins getting into the party groove.

It’s hard not to get in the mood as Keith breaks into the chorus. “When the sun goes down, stars come out / It’s a, can you feel it? / Wanna take you by the hand, dancing with my pals / Sit around, round, round / It was so high, we can paint the sky / Tear the top right off the ceiling / And I swear we’re never, ever, ever coming down / Never coming down,” he sings.

“[‘Never Comin’ Down’] captures the energy and spirit of being at a show – lost in the music, along
with everyone else that’s there, whether you know them or not,” Keith said in a statement. “That’s the feeling that I wanted to capture in the video.”

Mission accomplished.