Keith Urban Saves the Day With Splashy New Video, “Superman” [Watch]


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Keith Urban with his new song, “Superman,” and an eye-catching video to accompany it.

Although the lyrics of “Superman” are a look back at a summer romance that seems to have ended with some amount of regret, or at the very least, nostalgia, the video is an explosion of CGI.

Opening with a super creative black-and-white flip book that might give older fans A-ha “Take On Me” vibes, it morphs into a Peter Max inspired technicolor video that features Keith on a platform that becomes a pier/boat dock, thanks to green screen technology.

As Keith lays out a stream of solid guitar riffs, the background dances behind him, transitioning from an artful theme that explodes from the pages of a journal with beach-y and musical graphics, to a glittering moonlit night with shooting stars and sparkling fireworks.

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This country music superstar has definitely figured out what works for him and executes it with incredible perfection, however, he’s also recklessly unintimidated to dance outside the lines of how popular culture and music critics define him. And since that quite often works for him, too, he is, quite simply, beyond definition.

So, although the message of “Superman” seems to be a bit mournful, the toe-tapping arrangement, Keith’s energetic performance and an eye-catching video make the regret tolerable in the way that you may be sad a relationship ended, but you’re ever so happy it happened at all.